Rhythm mystery

Rhythm Mystery is an album by liquid light that blends electro/tech and dance music elements with world/ethnic flavors.Based on deep/tech house idiom liquid light has filtered electronic dance music through afro,east mediterranean, and middle east elements in order to create a new electronic hybrid that functions as a bright spot in the -many times- safe and dull electronic music scene.Thick percussion layers,echoes of eastern,latin and afro moods are blended in a unique way,to form a prime material for further development.The album single “play all night” as well as the second effort “savannah soul” have already been supported by djs,blogs,radio stations around the globe.Next remix project from “rhythm mystery” is “dub darvish” with remixes from mikele,phase mr,liquid light and more.Coming soon on Blue Bass.You can listen/buy rhythm mystery and additional remixes directly from liquid light store at lower prices.

listen to Dub Darvish below: